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Food and health

Two chefs cooking food.

High but not impossible goals

The university aims to gather research and education around what is really near and dear to us – food and health – and ensure that it benefits society.

Carolin Zorell on Örebro campus

Choices in the grocery store

Carolin Zorell will research what influences us to choose – or not choose – sustainable, organic and healthy food. She is one of the postdoctoral fellows.

Jana Jass and Faisal Ahmad Khan by the river Svartån

Found resistant bacteria

“The bacteria are not only resistant to old antibiotics, but also to new ones – that is to the antibiotics used to fight multidrug-resistant bacteria,” says Jana Jass.

Published in Nature Protocols

Örebro researchers - Matej Orešič and Tuulia Hyötyläinen - studied connection between intestinal bacteria and development of diabetes.

Sense Lab