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Food and health

Two chefs cooking food.

High but not impossible goals

The university aims to gather research and education around what is really near and dear to us – food and health – and ensure that it benefits society.

Published in Nature Protocols

Örebro researchers - Matej Orešič and Tuulia Hyötyläinen - studied connection between intestinal bacteria and development of diabetes.


Increased risk of food allergies

C-section children run increased risk of developing food allergies – as opposed to very preterm children. This is shown in a study of more than one million children.

Forskarna bakom studien Karuna Dahlberg, Ulrica Nilsson, Maria Jaensson, Maria Hälleberg Nyman.

New Örebro study in JAMA

Many patients do not understand the information given to them by the hospital and as a result recover more poorly after  day surgery.