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Doctoral Student Section

The Doctoral Student Section (Doktorandsektionen, DokSek) as part of the Örebro Student Union aims to represent and organize PhD students at Örebro University (ÖU).

Some of DokSek main tasks are:

  • to represent doctoral students’ interests concerning research education at ÖU.
  •  to organize informational seminars and workshops to supplement research education.
  •  to organize social activities to promote networking among doctoral students.

While being a member of Örebro Student Union, and hence its Doctoral Student Section, is not mandatory, the higher member count strengthens DokSek negotiation position both with the student union as such as well as with the university. Moreover, having more members will allow us to count on a larger budget and therefore to be able to organize more seminars and social activities. Hence more benefits for doctoral students.

During 2019-2020 newly and formerly employed doctoral students are invited to attend the seminar series organized by DokSek in collaboration with ÖU which tackles the following subjects: rules and regulations for third-cycle studies, library resources, grant application writing, stress management, thesis production, and research careers within and outside academia. In addition, the Doctoral Student Section will be arranging social activities along the year such as movie nights, bowling evenings and after-work meetups.

The Doctoral Student Section Board

The Doctoral Student Section board is elected annually by the members of the section at the spring meeting. The Board meets once a month.

Board 2021-2022

President: Alessandra Paiusco - This is an email address
Andreea Badache - This is an email address
Eduardo Gutiérrez Maestro - This is an email address
Lucas Morillo - This is an email address
Vasiliki Kondyli - This is an email address
Cansu Elmadagli - This is an email address
Maria Darwish - This is an email address
Rukaya Al-Zayani - This is an email address
Petter Danckwardt – This is an email address


Doctoral student representation

Every year Örebro Student Union decides about positions of trust within the union as well as within university. Doctoral students are represented on boards and committees within the university at different levels. Most of these positions are elected by the doctoral student section. Are you also interested in representing doctoral students within the student union or the university? Please do not hesitate to contact the DokSek board.