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Criminology is a multi-disciplinary subject that focuses on the development of criminal behavior, its causes and consequences, and societal policies to prevent and stop crime. Criminology also includes victimology, or research on those who are victims of crime. The subject draws on and integrates theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches from various disciplines to understand individual, contextual and societal processes that are implicated in the development of crime and its consequences.

Criminology at Örebro University contains three research environments/groups that focus on biopsychosocial criminology (BPS Biopsychosocial Criminology and Psychology - Örebro University), developmental/life-course perspective criminology (CAPS - Center for Criminological and Psychosocial research - Örebro University), and intimate partner violence and stalking (CVS - The Centre for Violence Studies - Örebro University). These three research environments/groups represent the foundation for numerous activities and research on individual and contextual risk factors in relation to crime and its consequences for victims. This includes applied criminology focusing on risk assessment, prediction, and intervention and prevention strategies.