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CAPS - Center for Criminological and Psychosocial Research

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Henrik Andershed

Research domains

  • Humanities-Social sciences

Areas of research

  • Children and youth
  • Crime prevention strategies
  • Survey and analysis of crime and insecurity
  • Crime
  • Bullying
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Science of Policing
  • Risk and protective factors
  • Risk assessment
  • Stalking
  • Security
  • Steps to increase security
  • Vulnerability
  • Development
  • Violence
  • Aging

CAPS is a research environment with the overall objective to produce practically useful research on antisocial, norm breaking, criminal behavior, and psychosocial adjustment and development in a broader sense. Our current research areas and research questions are what defines us. We are a small research center with an extensive national and international cooperative network. We strive to be leading in Sweden and strong international contributors in each of our current research areas.

Our network of collaborators

We have an extensive network of collaborators among scientists, professionals in practice (e.g., social service and police) and among decision makers locally and nationally. As an example of our extensive international collaborations, please see In Sweden we work with researchers at Karlstad University, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University and the University of Gothenburg. Internationally, we collaborate with researchers in more than ten different countries. We also have a formal collaboration concerning research and development with the Police authority in Örebro County, and we are formal experts at the National Board of Health. We are also represented in the Örebro Municipality Crime Prevention Advicory Board as well as in a county-wide task force concerning prevention of psychosocial problems in Örebro County (Samhällsråd T).

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