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Doctoral studies in Culinary Arts and Meal Science

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Faculty of Business, Science and Engineering


School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science

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Culinary arts and meal science is an interdisciplinary subject resting on an integrated knowledge base of science, craft and aesthetic design. Its scientific approach springs primarily from the social sciences and humanities but carries elements also of natural sciences. At Örebro University, research into the subject encompasses three integrated fields: the meal in terms of experience and aesthetic design; the meal in the public space; and the meal for health, safety and sustainability. For studies carried out at Örebro University of professionally prepared meals and hospitality services, the Five Aspect Meal Model (FAMM) provides a very important theoretical framework. This model accounts for aspects such as the room, the meeting, the product, the management system, and the ambience. At the interface with other research fields such as ethnology, business administration, gender studies, human geography, food science, environmental science, medicine, musicology, nutrition, education, psychology, sensory science, sociology and tourism studieset cetera it is, however, possible to apply more broad-based and/or specialist perspectives.