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Discover the Exciting World of Economics Research at Örebro University!

Are you fascinated by the complexities of social phenomena and the decisions we make in a world of limited resources and information? If so, our graduate program in economics offers an incredible opportunity to delve into the depths of this captivating field.

At Örebro University, our research in economics is characterized by microeconomic foundations, institutional perspectives, and market dynamics. We believe that economics is not confined to a single domain but intersects with various social sciences, offering a multitude of specializations for you to explore.

What sets our program apart is our unwavering focus on empirical studies of policy-related issues. By combining macroeconomic and financial data, you will learn to grasp the intricate dynamics of economics at a broader scale. Or, through extensive analysis of microdata, including register-based panel and survey data, you will gain a deep understanding of individual and company-level dynamics. Our research draws from both observational and experimental data, enabling you to explore the field from different perspectives.

The doctoral program in Economics is an integral part of our vibrant research environment in Economics and Statistics. Here, you'll not only engage in empirical research but also contribute to the development of statistical methods within survey methodology and econometrics.

Within our program, you will find a range of captivating research themes and groups to align your interests with:

1. Wellbeing, Health & Welfare Economics (WHAWE): Dive into the fascinating realm of understanding how economics influences our overall wellbeing, health, and the welfare of societies.

2. Economics of Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Globalization, and Institutions (EFGI): Explore the dynamic forces that shape entrepreneurship, family businesses, globalization, and institutions, and unravel their economic impact.

3. Macroeconomics and Financial Econometrics (MAFE): Embark on a journey to uncover the intricate relationships between macroeconomics and financial markets, employing powerful econometric tools.

4. Statistics (Stat@oru): Discover the world of statistics and its transformative role in shaping economic research, equipping you with the skills to make sense of large and complex data sets and draw meaningful conclusions.

Please get in touch with our subject representative if you would like to join our vibrant research environment at Örebro University.