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Education is a broad social science subject that has its focus on processes of Bildung, communication, learning and socialisation. The prerequisites for and the content of such processes are studied, as are the way they are shaped and their consequences. At Örebro University, studies of learning and socialisation are directed specifically towards how people create meaning based on individual, interactional and social perspectives. Democracy and human rights, didactics, curriculum theory, educational policy and educational philosophy all have a strong presence within education research at Örebro University. Questions of the way in which socialisation content is communicated, developed and transformed are also prominent, with a focus on communicative processes in institutional contexts, using pluralism and diversity as the starting point.

The department also offers a doctoral programme with a specialisation in didactics, via the graduate school UVD (Educational Sciences with Emphasis on Didactics) and Graduate school in applied educational history (PEDASK).


Guidelines for the doctoral programme in Education

Guidelines for the doctoral programme in Education