It is very important to have an insurance including medical and dental treatment, third party liability and repatriation cover. It may also be useful to have an insurance that covers your personal belongings. You should therefore buy a travel/study abroad insurance in your home country.

If you need to see a doctor in Sweden

If you become ill and need to see a doctor you need to present your insurance documents.
Below find some alternatives depending on your citizenship:

European Health Insurance Card (EU-citizens)

If you are a European Union student you must bring the European Health Insurance Card that is issued on request in your home country. You are then entitled to use the public medical services on the same conditions as Swedish citizens for medical care that is immediately necessary.

Private Medical Insurance (outside of the European Union)

If you come from a country outside of the European union and there is no reciprocal agreement with Sweden, you have to buy a private medical insurance in your home country which includes dental care. This is to cover you if you need medical care that is immediately necessary.

It is very important to have an insurance policy as you must be prepared to pay approx
SEK 2000 for a visit to see a doctor. You will have to pay the fee but the insurance will refund the amount.

Reciprocal Agreements (Algeria, Australia and the Province of Quebec in Canada)

There are reciprocal agreements for public medical benefits between Sweden and Algeria, Australia and the province of Quebec in Canada. If you have to see a doctor in Sweden you only have to present your passport and a certificate from the social insurance office in your home country. However, the reciprocal agreement only applies, if the need for medical care arises during your stay in Sweden. Discuss with your individual insurance company what type of other coverage (i.e. accident, travel, property and liability) would be most beneficial for your stay in Sweden.

Civil Registration at the Local Tax Office

If your residence permit is valid for one year or more you can register at the local tax office, "Skatteverket" at Slottsgatan 10 in Örebro. You need to visit the office in person - bring your passport, your residence permit and the notification of admission with you to the local tax office. If you are married you also need to bring a marriage certificate.

The registration at the local tax office will give you the accessibility to Swedish Health Care on the same conditions as Swedish citizens. You will be given a 10-digit Personal Identity Number - "personnummer". This is very useful in Sweden as it will simplify many transactions in the Swedish society, such as opening a bank account, visiting a doctor.