Health and Insurance

Students at Örebro University are covered by different insurances, depending on their student status. Make sure you know which category you belong to and pay attention to coverage and restrictions.

Health care

Sweden has an excellent healthcare system which you are entitled to use when you are studying here.  There are no vaccination requirements for coming to Sweden, or for travel within the EU. Doctors, nurses and dentists invariably speak English and, in many cases, other languages besides Swedish.

The emergency telephone number in Sweden is 112.

For healthcare advice call 1177, it is open to call twenty-four hours a day. It's not always easy to tell how sick you might be. When you dial 1177, an experienced nurse will assess your condition. He/She will offer advice and let you know which clinics are most suitable for you.

The Campus Health Centre is run by Feelgood and works with health promotion. We provide health advice and support from nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and behaviorists. For more information go to Campus Health Centre website. 

Insurance for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

If you are a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen who is required to pay tuition fees for your studies at Örebro University, you are also covered by a special insurance provided by the Swedish government called FAS+ (the condition is to have paid the tuition fee for the semester). This insurance includes accident cover, costs for home transport in case of illness or accident, liability cover, legal expenses and property cover. The FAS+ insurance is valid two weeks before the start of the semester and two weeks after the end of the semester.

When applying for your residence permit to come to Sweden, you will be asked in the Swedish Migration Agency online application form to provide proof of insurance. Terms and conditions can be found at Kammarkollegiet's webpage

Insurance for EU/EEA/Swiss students

Citizens of EU/EEA countries or Switzerland should register for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their home country before coming to Sweden and bring this with you. With this card you are then entitled to use the public medical services on the same conditions as Swedish citizens for medical care.

Information about the European Health Insurance Card

Family Members

The University does not insure family members that are coming with you to Sweden. Be sure to secure insurance for them in your home country before your departure.