Life in Örebro

The city of Örebro is situated in the heart of Sweden, about halfway between Stockholm and Gothenburg. It is easily accessible by major roads, railways and by air. From the Örebro region, everything Scandinavia has to offer is within easy reach. The population of about 150,000 makes it the seventh largest town in Sweden.

Student life

Örebro University does not only care for your academic progress, but also for your social experience. That is why the University organise a introduction programme for new students to give you a chance to experience as much as possible during your stay in Sweden. The University cooperates with ESN Örebro, a non-profit student association run by Swedish students.  They will organise indoor and outdoor activities, cultural events, parties, excursions and trips during the whole semester. 

Shopping and Entertainment

Örebro can offer a variety of shopping, restaurants, and cultural and musical events. There are many shops in the city centre and also a shopping mall called Marieberg Galleria where IKEA is located and easily reached with buses from the city centre. There are nightclubs with famous live-artist performances and small clubs, pubs, and restaurants with different profiles and menus.

Conventum - Sweden's most central venue for conference, convention, trade show, concert and entertainment!

Conventum is located in central Örebro, within walking distance to public transportation and hotels. At Conventum they offer the best conditions for organizing successful meetings, whether it's about conferences, conventions, trade shows or music concerts. More information can be found on their webpage

Culture and Arts

Örebro is a city where there is always something to do and see. Take a beautiful walk in the city centre with the view of the castle or why not look at the art peices placed out around the city.


In central Örebro City Park next to Svartån  you will find Wadköping. With its wooden houses and farms depicts Wadköping Örebro's old buildings and the urban environment. Here are museums, exhibitions, café and restaurant, a wood turner, a shop, a bakery and many other exciting shops and artisan workshops.

Wadköpings webpage


Örebro Open art is an open-air exhibition of internaitonal contemporary art here in Örebro.For nearly three months transforms the urban landscape into a lively potpourri where art in all its forms plays peekaboo with the city's residents and visitors.



 Culture and Leisure Örebro


Örebro is a major sports city with several well established elite clubs in many different sports. The top teams and most popular in Örebro is fotball, ice hockey, volleyball and bandy. These teams really put Örebro on the sports map of Sweden. There is always some sporting event to watch and always many opportunities to do a variety of sports. On Campus we have campusgymmet that offer all students opportunities to engage in sports. There are also enrolled elite sports students at Örebro University.