Cecilia Landberg

Cecilia Landberg

Cecilia Landberg from Stockholm on why she chose this programme.

Why did you apply for the Master's programme in Sports Physiology in Örebro?

I am a chiropractor and I completed my training about three years ago. I wanted to get some further training and I checked out a few alternatives. I thought this programme sounded really interesting and applied as it felt like a good way to go for me.

I have stayed in Stockholm since I have my work and my life there. We do not have lectures every day, so commuting is not a problem. It also gives me four hours a day on the train that I can spend studying. But I might move to Örebro next semester, we'll see how it goes.

Tell us about the programme.

The programme is preparing students for a research career and it has a set study path, but with one or two elective courses on the programme. The programme concludes with us writing a 45 credit Master's dissertation.

We have just completed the first module on research methods in sports sciences, and have started a module of sports physiology. This semester focuses on theory. Next semester we will also have some laboratory practicals.

There is quite a mix of people in our group. Some have just completed their undergraduate training, others have spent a few years working. There are a number of international students and all teaching is in English. It is a great learning experience and it is challenging – and very stimulating.

Besides lectures and seminars, there are also a few group projects. For me as a commuter, it still works out as some things can be solved for example via Skype.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I would like to combine my work as a chiropractor with research. Chiropractic is really the heart of what I'd like to do so I am not prepared to let that go. I am thinking that I might latch it onto what I am studying now and perhaps go on to do a PhD.

How would you describe Örebro University?

It is a nice university. Since I am commuting I don't have time to see that much of campus. But there seems to be a lot of fun things happening.

Do you have any tips for future students?
Be prepared for a high pace, there is always something to do. Sometimes we are working on several parallel projects. But I am enjoying it and I am looking forward to the rest of the programme.