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Learning Lab – teaching test environment

Örebro University’s Långhuset houses Learning Lab. It is a test environment where teachers and students together can design a learning environment and test new teaching methods using the room’s design, technology, and furnishings.



The settings for teaching and learning environments change and advance along with new knowledge and technology developments. Knowledge of how learning occurs, the development of new pedagogical methods, operational needs, and the expectations the students all place demands on the physical design of rooms for learning and the campus as a whole. Digitalisation is another factor affecting physical learning environments and their design, particularly during the pandemic 2020–2021.

Therefore, Akademiska Hus has developed a Learning Lab concept, an arena for developing and innovating future learning environments. The Learning Lab in Örebro is a collaboration between Akademiska Hus and Örebro University.

Where and how?

Our Learning Lab is in the so-called “teaching wing” on the first floor of Långhuset at Örebro University. It is around 300 m2 and consists of three rooms, VR-center (L107), Testrummet (L109) and Studieytan (LS01). Booking one or both rooms together is possible. The study area may be reserved if one of the other two rooms is part of the booking.

Learning Lab is available primarily for teaching and learning activities. Other activities or meetings may be scheduled based on availability.

Pedagogical support – and reflection

After booking, sit with the Learning Lab team for technical and pedagogical support to prepare for your activity. The environment offers many alternatives, such as room orientation, lighting, equipment, and furnishings for your activity.

After your activity, you and your students/participants are asked to contribute feedback on how the room and technology supported your learning activity/activity – and to impact the continued development of the lab.

View the feedback session as an opportunity to reflect on how you can develop your teaching with the support of the Learning Lab and its technology.

To book or find out more about Learning Lab:

To book Learning Lab, email the date and time to If available, you will be contacted to provide more information to complete your booking.

Contact Anna-Eva Olsson, project coordinator for learning environments, for more information about Learning Lab.

Learning Lab is a collaboration between Örebro University and Akademiska Hus and runs until December 2025. The aim is to learn more about how room design, pedagogy and technology can be used in developing future learning environments, in new and renovated buildings.

During the test period 2022–2025, a joint organisation plans, implements, and follows up on Learning Lab’s activities.

Find the Learning Lab using MazeMap.

Learning Lab in the media

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