Rental period and Payment of accommodation

Rental period

Your housing must be rented for the whole semester (one rental period) or the whole academic year (two rental periods). For the autumn semester you rent from August to January and from the spring semester January to June . If you stay for the whole academic year the period of rent is August to June, divided into two invoices .

Autumn semester rental period:
August 17, 2020 to January 15, 2021

Spring semester rental period:
January 17, 2021 to June 7, 2021

Whole academic year rental period:
August 17, 2020 to June 7, 2021

The whole semester (one  rental period) rent for student housing varies, at present it is 20,000 SEK. Please note that the rent varies from year to year.

Payment of housing

All students who have applied for housing on time will have an invoice sent via email with instructions on how to pay.

Before arrival all students pay one rental period by August 1 (autumn semester)  December 31 (spring semester). Once you have made your payment, you do not need to email us asking for confirmation of payment. If we have not received your payment we will contact you.

Full year students have to pay the whole rent for the second semester (spring semester) by January 31.

Arriving before rental period

If you arrive before the rental period begins, you must find temporary housing on your own.