Courses for exchange students

Studenter vid ett bord i Nova

Planning what to study

At Örebro University, it is most common to study courses consecutively, i.e. one course after another. As an exchange student, you are expected to study full-time - 30 ECTS credits per semester. 

Non-EU/EEA citizens must be admitted to full-time studies in order to obtain a residence permit for studies in Sweden by the Swedish Migration Agency. However, the requirement of studying full-time is valid for all exchange students.

Selecting courses

When selecting courses, please make sure that they add up to full-time studies. Most exchange students choose four courses of 7,5 ECTS credits but there are other combinations available. 

Study levels

Higher education in Sweden is divided into three cycles: first cycle, second cycle and third cycle. The courses offered in English for our exchange students are at first cycle (Bachelor´s level) and second cycle (Master´s level). 

To keep in mind

  • It is possible to combine part-time courses that add up to full-time studies.
  • It is not possible to combine full-time courses in the same study period due to the workload and conflicting schedules.
  • You may enroll in a maximum of 45 ECTS credits per semester.
  • Make sure to study a course in each study period (see Study periods below).
  • It is essential to have courses in all study periods as course registration is the base for the insurance and student housing.
  • Please pay attention to the prerequisites of each course. If you do not meet the prerequisites for your selected courses, we will need to contact you to change your course selection, which will delay your admission.
  • Please check your email, including your spam folder, regularly for emails from the International Office. 

You will find more detailed information about course selection in the guide "How to select courses" below.

The semesters are divided into four study periods of five weeks each. 

Academic year 24/25

Autumn semester 2024

Spring semester 2025

Study period 1: week 36-40
Study period 2: week 41-45
Study period 3: week 46-50
Study period 4: week 51-03

Study period 1: week 04-08
Study period 2: week 09-13
Study period 3: week 14-18
Study period 4: week 19-23

Please check a calendar with week numbers to see the specific dates for the weeks.

All courses for exchange students are offered in English and can be found in the specific course catalogue.

If you wish to study in Swedish, we refer to the regular course catalogue. Please contact the International Office for more information, as these courses are not available in the application form.

Exchange studies at Örebro University requires that your English proficiency correspond to at least B2 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Your home institution is responsible to check your level of English proficiency before nomination. 

Please note that you do not need to send any proof of your English proficiency.

Courses are credited in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). 1.5 credits represent one week of completed full-time studies of 40 hours, including lectures, classes, contact hours, assignments and independent study. Individual courses are generally 7.5 credits (five-week courses in a single subject area).


A – excellent
B – very good
C – good
D – satisfactory
E – sufficient
F – fail