Employee benefits

Örebro University believes in a balance between work and private life in order to do a good job. Therefore, as an employee, we offer you good opportunities to balance work with your private life and family through holiday agreements, wellness benefits, salary exchange and an extra parental benefit supplement.

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect as an employee at Örebro University.

Working hours

Working hours differ depending on which category of staff you belong. As a teacher, you have annual working hours. If you’re technical/administrative staff, your working hours are reduced by 15 minutes a week. In connection with some public holidays, working hours are also reduced.


The number of vacation days you’ll have to look forward to:

  • 28 days – until the year you turn 29
  • 31 days – from the year you turn 30
  • 35 days – from the year you turn 40

As a new employee, you’re entitled to annual leave already during your first year of employment.


As a parent, you’ll receive a parental benefit supplement of 10 per cent of your current daily salary for up to 360 days per child. You may also choose to reduce your working hours until your child’s 12th birthday.

Health and wellbeing

  • Wellness hour.
  • Wellness allowance up to SEK 2,000/yr.
  • Digital workouts via Campus Gym.
  • Swimming pass – free exercise swimming at any of Örebro’s four indoor swimming pools.
  • Cyclescheme benefit.


As an employee at Örebro University, you have access to occupational healthcare. You can go, during paid working hours, to doctor, dentist, and maternity appointments as well as blood donation centres. You can be reimbursed for medical care, physical therapy, hospitalisation, and qualifying prescription drugs. You can also be reimbursed for computer glasses if necessary.


As an employee at Örebro University, you’re covered by various insurance policies, including:

  • Occupational injury: covers injury or disability resulting from work-related accidents or injuries.
  • Business travel: covers all domestic and international business travel and official duties for a maximum of 365 consecutive days, including 14 days of vacation in direct connection with the trip.
  • Occupational group life: provides financial cover for your spouse/registered partner/cohabitant and children, should you pass away.


As an employee at Örebro University, your retirement is covered by the occupational pension agreement, PA 16. The agreement, consisting of different parts, supplements the national retirement pension. Pension is also paid during parental leave.

Salary exchange

We offer the opportunity to exchange a portion of your salary toward your pension, for example, allocating the value of saved vacation days to your future retirement. You can also make monthly pension provisions via a deduction from your gross salary.