Career support at Örebro University

Career support for researchers at the university is available in many different forms, shifting in focus as you progress in your academic career.

On these pages you can find information on the support available to all researchers at the university. It is organised according to the different stages of a research career. Note that the categories into which the information has been divided are not clear-cut and that there is some overlap.

Faculties and departments offer targeted initiatives in various areas, complemented by the university-wide support listed below. For more details, please contact your school.

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Before doctoral studies

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Junior researcher/ postdoctoral researcher (R2)

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Associate senior lecturer/ docent (R2-R3)

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Professor (R4)

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A pan-European initiative delivering information and support for researchers, supporting researcher mobility and career development.

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HR Excellence in Research

Örebro University has been granted the "HR Excellence in Research" award and has implemented the EU's Charter & Code through the HRS4R process.

Researcher stages according to the European Commission - R1-R4 

The European Commission has classified the various characteristics that researchers may have throughout their career and describes four broad profiles that apply to all researchers, independent of where they work, in the private or public sector.

R1 - A stage in a researcher’s career up to PhD level that includes individuals doing research under supervision in industry, research institutes or universities.

R2 - A stage in a researcher’s career covering those who have completed their PhDs and are considered a recognised researcher, but are not yet fully independent.

R3 - A stage in a researcher’s career describing those who have developed a level of independence and can be described as an established researcher.

R4 - A stage in a researcher’s career where they can be termed a ‘leading researcher’. This would include the team leader of a research group or head of an industry R&D laboratory.