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Why work at Örebro University?

Employees at Örebro University in a meeting

A spirit of development is present in every aspect of our operations. Our core mission is to provide education and research. Equally important is finding ways in which the knowledge generated within our organisation can be communicated to and utilised by other stakeholders within industry and commerce as well as in society in general. We strive to be an attractive place for work and studies where students and employees will get a sense of pride and satisfaction from being part of Örebro University.

Working in Örebro

Örebro is located right in the middle of Sweden and with its 750 years of history it is one of the oldest towns in the country. Among its 150,000 inhabitants as much as 165 different countries are represented. Örebro is conveniently close to Stockholm (200 km), Gothenburg and Oslo (both 300 km), and this attractive location makes it a popular site for business and an excellent venue for conferences and trade shows.

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Working at Örebro University

As an employee you will share our vision of Örebro University – a prominent university with a broad scientific base, the courage to review and the ability to evolve. Since 1999 we have evolved from being a university college with 12,000 students to a university with 15,000. The majority of the most attractive professional degree programmes are offered here and there is successful research in a broad range of subjects. Over 1,500 employees work at the university.

The commitment of our employees is the driving force of our development and it continues to take our work even further. As an employee you are therefore open to change and willing to commit yourself to fulfil the aim and vision of our university. Together we strive to achieve a working environment which is open and inspiring and where initiative is encouraged and achievement rewarded. We believe in creating a culture of quality which will permeate all our activities.

Educational philosophy

At Örebro University we are convinced that students can and want to take responsibility for their own learning. We invest in physical and digital settings which stimulate active learning, for our students as well as our employees. Out teaching rests upon scientific and well-tried experience and the connection with research is strong. Our researchers are actively engaged in teaching as well as in designing courses and degree programmes. We strive for education where discussion, openness and reflection are promoted. Teaching is developed through regular collegial interaction which is an integrated part of the schools' quality efforts.

Support for incoming employees

If you are moving to Örebro to start work at Örebro University and have questions regarding practical matters related to your move, contact

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Employee benefits

Örebro University believes in a balance between work and private life in order to do a good job.

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Equal rights and gender equality

Equal rights are, in short, about ensuring fair treatment for everyone.

Our vision: Örebro University – leading towards a knowledge-driven society