"I work with a team of really great people at Örebro University"

A portrait of Kaya Tuerxun.

Kaya Tuerxun is active in the Inflammatory Response and Infection Susceptibility Centre, iRiSC – the goal of which is to understand the various mechanisms of inflammation.

Kaya Tuerxun moved from China to Sweden when she discovered the Master's programme in Immunology at Örebro University with close links to healthcare. Today, she’s a doctoral student in biomedicine at Örebro University and active in the corresponding research environment where she also completed her Master's thesis.

I like the equality here. And of course, Swedish summer after a long winter is the best. 

How is it that you came to work at the Örebro University?

“I was interested in going abroad to study immunology with a close link to clinical conditions. By searching for the different programmes in Sweden, I discovered the Master’s programme here and thought that it’s quite interesting and relevant. In my last semester of the studies, I completed my Master’s thesis project in the research environment Inflammatory Response and Infection Susceptibility Centre, iRiSC. During the project, I developed an interest in the topic that we were working on. After finishing the Master’s programme, I was accepted for the PhD programme and continued my studies.”

Why do you like working at Örebro University?

“I work with a team of great people. They are professional, inspiring, and supportive. I also appreciate the student-friendly facilities. I’m currently working at the medical university on Campus USÖ, where we have good lab facilities. Lastly, I think it’s good that the university offers accommodation assistance, which could otherwise be a big concern for international staff when first arriving.”

What’s best about living in Örebro?

“For me, I like that Örebro is a bicycle-friendly city. Also, the nature is close by and beautiful.”

And what’s best about living in Sweden?

“I like the equality we have during studies and at work, making communication very easy and efficient. I also like the nature, it’s very approachable. And, of course, the best thing is the Swedish summer after a long winter!”