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Brynjar Fure

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Medical Sciences


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About Brynjar Fure

Brynjar Fure is a senior lecturer and an associate professor at Örebro University, Sweden. By profession, he is a medical doctor specialized in geriatric medicine, neurology and internal medicine. Since 2017, he was a consultant geriatrician and neurologist at Karlstad Central Hospital. At present, he is employed by Örebro Unversity, and works as a consultant geriatrician part-time at Karlstad Central Hospital.

He has earlier been a professor at the Institute of Societal Medicine, University of Tromsö, Norway, a research director at the National Health Technology Assessment (HTA) center in Oslo, Norway and a consultant geriatrician and neurologist at Oslo University Hospital, Akershus University Hospital and Vestre Viken Hospital Trust.

He holds a PhD since 2006 when his dissertation took place at the University of Oslo with a thesis entitled "Improving the diagnostic and prognostic accuracy in acute ischemic stroke".

After his PhD-dissertation, he has been principal supervisor and co-supervisor for several PhD-students in clinical research projects focusing mainly on vascular aspects in the development of dementia and mild cognitive impairment after stroke. In addition, vascular emotional impairments as well as evidence-based practice in the health services including international HTA-projects and systematic reviews have been topics in his research.

At Karlstad Central Hospital and Örebro University, he is, at present, principal supervisor and project leader in PhD-projects on the impact of cognitive impairments on frailty in elderly people with multiple diagnoses (Section of Geriatric Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine), consequences of stroke in the very elderly (Stroke unit, Department of Neurology) and cerebral hemodynamics in mild cognitive impairment and dementia (Section of Geriatric Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine). In addition, he is affiliated as a co-supervisor in a PhD-project on intensive rehabilitation after stroke at Umeå University, Sweden.


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