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Cognitive medicine and biomarkers

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Yvonne Freund Levi

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Cognition is a term for the human ability to learn, think and process information in our brains. Our cognitive functions must work for us to be able to lead a normal everyday life.

We conduct collaborative randomised controlled clinical trials across a broad spectrum of fields – ranging from neurogeriatric, psychiatric and biomarker research – both nationally and internationally.

By using digital neuropsychological assessment tools (Mindmore IPAD and GERAS); biochemical analysis of cerebrospinal fluid and blood; microbiota sampling; brain imaging (magnetic resonance imaging, MRI ); and rating of psychological, psychiatric and cognitive symptoms, we work to bridge the knowledge gap that exists for a number of cognitive disorders.

Ongoing research is focused on the following topics:
• Cognitive Medicine including psychiatric, neurological and, cognitive symtomatology and  biomarker analyses in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid
• Behavioural and psychiatric symptoms in dementia ( BPSD) and biomarkers
• Old Age Psychiatry and cognitive therapy
• Physical cctivity and nutrition as treatment for depression/anxiety (RCT)
• Covid 19 long-term effects in the geriatric population and in collaboration with the  primary care (RCT)
Alzheimer's disease

Victor Bloniecki Kallio 
Anders Funkquist, HS, MED 
Johanna Ulfvarson
Per Julin Docent  KI 
Professor Jonas Bergquist Uppsala Universitet
Sophie Erhardt Professor KI