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Claes Möller

Position: Professor Emeritus School/office: School of Health Sciences

Email: Y2xhZXMubW9sbGVyO29ydS5zZQ==

Phone: +46 703 738099

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Research subject

About Claes Möller


The research projects have been completed, but Claes is currently writing care programs and book chapters concerning syndromic diseases in the field of deafblindness, as well as assignments as an opponent and member of the assessment board.

Working area

Claes has been working as an Otolaryngologist for 29 years and as Otologist and Audiological Physician for 14 years.

From 1996 he has been a Professor in Audiology. 

The main part of research as well as clinical work for the last 25 years has been focused on syndromal hearing loss. During 2002-2007 in Gothenburg he started and was the Head for the Centre for Genetic Hearing loss which was a cooperation between the Department of Audiology, Department of Clinical Genetics and the Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg.

For many years he was working with the National Expert Team for diagnosing people with deafblindness. From 2007 until 2017 he was a Professor in Audiology and Disability Science at Örebro University and a Consultant at the University Hospital (patient care , research and management). Claes also was Head of The Audiological Research Centre, University Hospital Örebro.

Other assignments

Board member FORTE 2016-2020

Board member Swedish Institute for Disability Research (SIDR)

Chair International Journal of Audiology


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