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Elisabeth Ericsson

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301203

Room: P2121

Elisabeth Ericsson
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About Elisabeth Ericsson


Elisabeth Ericsson is senior lecturer and associate professor.

Elisabeth is a registered nurse 1981, she has a postgraduate diploma in specialist nursing anaesthesia care, and intensive care nurse (1988) and master’s in nursing science; (2004). Doctor in Medical science PhD (2007) and associate professor in anesthesia care (2013).

She has a long experience as a clinical nurse in both private and public sectors. It was in the role of position as head nurse for surgery and anaesthesia in the ENT- clinic she began her research for her thesis. In 2007 she gave her viva voce on her thesis and has her doctorate in medicine. The thesis title was “Health and well-being of children and young adults in relation to surgery of the tonsils", Linköping University. She has been the Head of School of Health Sciences (2014-2022), Örebro University.


The focus of Elisabeth Ericsson´s research is her interest of the pre-operative preparation and post-operative support for patients (children and adults), and families of patients undergoing anesthesia, surgery and medical procedures to minimize the negative emotional reaction, to achieve optimal pain and distress control in patients and improving the quality of care. She also performs research about sustainable working life for nurses, with focus of salutary factors.

She is currently supervising two PhD students

  • Anna Drakenberg since 2019 (principal supervisor)
  • Karolina Holte Axberg since 2022 (principal supervisor)

Elisabeth Ericsson was the principal supervisor of Fredrik Alm who defined his Doctorial Thesis “Postoperative recovery in children after tonsil surgery - with a focus on pain and pain management from the child’s, caregivers’, and professionals’ perspectives” in 2021, Örebro university. She was also co-supervisor to Britt-Marie Ahlander who defended her Doctorial thesis in 2016 “Magnetic Resonance of the Heart - Image quality, measurement accuracy and patient experience”, Linköpings University, and Ingalill Gimbler-Berglund who took a Degree of Licentiate in 2012 “Nurse anesthetist’s interactions and assessment of children´s anxiety”, Jönköpings University


Elisabeth extensive experience teaching in field of anesthesia care, ear-, nose-, and throat care, practical care and scientific method at both basic and advanced level. She supervises doctoral students, and theses at the undergraduate, advanced and third cycle level.

Other roles

Elisabeth is director of studies: Doctoral education in Medical sciences with specialisation Health Care Sciences. She has been appointed as a reviewer of research applications, educational programs and she has been an opponent and member of grading committees at national and Nordic dissertations, and she regularly serves as a reviewer for scientific journals in her field



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