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Supporting parental behaviour in relation to anesthesia induction to reduce children's preoperative anxiety

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Elisabeth Ericsson

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The aims of the project is to minimize the anxiety for the child in connection with surgery. Children develop behavioural stress and anxiety before surgery and this seems to be a factor for later behavioural problems. Example of studies in this project are; to develop and validate instruments to assess preoperative anxiety and coping during the preoperative period and to explore certified registered Nurse Anesthetists strategies in the encounter with the anxious children and to evaluate educational interventions intended for anesthetists and parents to enhance the alliance between anesthetists and the child in relation. The studies in the project have both quantitative and qualitative approach. The researchers have different professional background as Nurse Anesthetist, Child  and adolescent psychiatrist and Anesthesiologist.


Research funding bodies


  • Marie Proczkowska, Link√∂pings universitet