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Mental health and well-being: from group to population perspective

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Fredrik Söderqvist

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The research group Mental health and well-being: from group to population perspectives has a primary focus on examining mental well-being among different age and occupational groups and in different societal arenas. The research group includes researchers with a background in various disciplines - from Public Health Sciences to Health Economics, Disability Research, Medicine, and Psychology. The projects are: 1) measuring and monitoring mental well-being among young people based on regional population surveys; 2) promoting mental well-being among students in upper secondary school; 3) studying health and well-being among nurses in Swedish health care; and 4) the importance of living conditions, lifestyle habits and targeted health dialogues for health and mental well-being in different age groups and different life situations (e.g. as a first-time parent).

The group also includes Professor Cynthia Franklin at the University of Texas at Austin.