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Frans Prenkert

Position: Professor School/office: Örebro University School of Business

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Phone: +46 19 302444

Room: N3016

Frans Prenkert

About Frans Prenkert

Frans Prenkert is professor in business administration at Örebro University School of Business and head of the Center for Sustainable Business | CSB.


Frans Prenkert has experience from all levels of graduate- and undergraduate teaching, including executive MBA-classes and external consulting. He is currently teaching classes in the Industrial Management program in Engineering and in the Master of Sustainable Business and supervises PhD-students.


Frans Prenkert conducts research within the area of economic organizing with emphasis on the external flows of the industrial corporation and inter-organizational networks.

Frans Prenkert has researched several application domains including primary industries of fish, meat and milk, as well as the logistics and retail sectors with a focus on internationalization, innovation, organizing of distribution, strategy, technological development, commercialization, SCM and sustainability.

Common for all his research is an interest in, and focus on empirically oriented investigations of organizing processes creating the preconditions for economizing in complex networks comprised of social, technological and economic links and entities.

The aim of Frans Prenkerts research is to create knowledge on the functioning of real economies by investigating the socio-technical-economic matrix within which organized economic activity is performed in order to increase our understanding of what constitutes sustainable economic systems.

Frans Prenkert is a research member in the research groups CSB Value Chain (previously ORULOG) and CSB Circular Economy.

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