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Franziska Klügl

Title: Professor School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303925

Room: T2231

Franziska Klügl

About Franziska Klügl

Franziska Klügl is Professor in Information Technology. Her main research interests are related to languages, processes and tools for agent-based simulation.

Despite of their increasing popularity, agent-based simulation models still suffer from lacking formal basis, clear development processes and only limited ways to connect simulation to empirical data for validation. My vision is to develop the approaches to agent-based simulation modelling so that domain experts without formal training in computer science can produce and use reliable, valid models. This involves research in many areas such as software engineering for simulation, machine learning, human-agent interaction, distributed systems... One of the results of the research in Franziska's group is SeSAm - a visual programming tool for agent-based simulation that allows rapid prototyping as well as convenient development of complex agent-based simulation models. Unfortunately, the server has been shutdown by IT-Support. The code is now available via BitBucket. If you are interested in using SeSAm, send me an email and I will provide a link. A new webpage is under development.

In January 2020, Franziska was appointed Head of Subject Computer Science at Örebro University. She has been elected into the ENT faculty board in January 2019. Until summer 2021, she served as the program responsible for the 3 year "Högskoleingenjör program" in Computer Engineering.

Franziska teaches the basic software engineering course in the Högskoleingenjör Computer Engineering Program, the Multiagent Systems course in our Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Master Program and the Agent-based Modeling and Simulation in the 5th year of the Civilingenjörprogram on Industrial Economy. I also developed the MAS course further into a course in the SMART(er) program for working professionals. She is also involved in a number of other interdisciplinary endeavours such as the Introduction to Digitalization and Computer Science course in the Legal Tech program. Franziska also gives PhD courses in areas related to her reseach.

Previously, Franziska was responsible for the basic Artificial Intelligence introduction (2012-2019), Java for User Interfaces and Networking (2015-2018) courses in the HIng Datateknik; together with Marjan Alirezaie for the Introductory AI course in the SMART(er) program. She replaced teachers on leave in Human-Computer Interaction as well as in Communication System courses. She was also co-teaching with Andreas Eckert in the programming in courses ordered by Skolverket for educating math and technology teachers, in the Modeling and Simulation course. As program responsible for the HIng Datateknik program, she also managed the exam work course.

Additionally, Franziska worked as local chair of AAMAS2018, July 10-15th in Stockholm and was be one of the chairs of the German AI Conference 2020 in Bamberg. She was co-organizer of the ATT2020 Workshop on Agents in Traffic and Transportation (and co-editor of the post-proceedings special issue in AI Communications).


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