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RM4RS - Rapid Mapping for Realistic Simulation

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Franziska Klügl

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Multiagent Modeling and Simulation plays an important role for decision support systems in many domains, especially in security and rescue applications: in an explicitly modeled environment, simulated actors are deciding on which path to take, where to go seeking for shelter or hiding from patrols.

In the RM4RS project, Saab Dynamics and Örebro University combine their expertise in fast mapping technology with multiagent modeling and simulation to develop a prototype of a simulation-based decision support system that combines dynamic map generation with multiagent simulation based on affordance theory.

The overall approach is general, but in this HÖG12 project we want to develop a feasibility study for showing that this combination can produce relevant output with sufficiently complex behavior and especially on sufficient scale. We exemply how an overall system could work based on an simulation model that captures the behavior of persons within the first 24 hours after an earthquake that destroyed different infrastructures - communication, electricity and also road infrastructure.


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  • The Knowledge Foundation