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Ida Andersson

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


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Ida Andersson

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About Ida Andersson

Ida has a PhD in Geography with emphasis on Human geography from the Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University (2015). In her research she is focusing on economic and urban geography. She is currently working on research on policy development, the green economy and regional development. Her research is mainly focused on Sweden with an European (EU) outlook.

Since July 2018 Ida is appointed Senior lecturer in Human Geography at the School for Humanities, Education and Social Sciences at Örebro University.


Current research

From 2016-2019 Ida is working full time in a project called "Sustainable housing 2.0? The role of policy networks and eco innovations in the wood based housing sector in Sweden" funded by Wallanderstiftelsen at Handelsbanken. This project aims to investigate how policy networks and eco innovations have impacted sustainable housing policies and the development of the wood based housing sector. In this project, theory on innovation and green economy are brought into dialogue with literature on urban policy mobilities in order to research and understand the interactive processes between policy networks and eco innovation, and how these in turn have affected sustainable housing policies. Ida's approach to this research topic will have a particular emphasis on the corporate sphere (the wood working industry) and the policy-making sphere on variousgeographical scales (national, regional, local). The research mainly covers a Swedish perspective, with some outlooks towards European housing policies in relation to sustainable urban development.

Ida is a member of the "Green Economices Network" gathering reserachers in Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany and Luxemburg. In January 2018 they met for a workshop on the "uneven pathways to the green economy" in Norrköping, Sweden. A new network meeting is planned to take place in Örebro in the fall 2019. 

Ida involved in project titled "Policy tourism, conferencing and the staging of the European Week of Regions and Cities" together with Ian Cook (Northumbria University, UK).

In 2018 Ida was the editor for the annual edition of the Ymer book series by SSAG, titled "Globala flöden och lokala praktiker - policymobilitet i tid och rum" (in English: Global flows and local practices - policymobilities in time and space), gathering 15 authors from around Scandinavia and the UK. The book was launched April 24th 2018 and is available as an e-book with open access.

A complete list of Ida's publications can be found in Diva.



Ida is currently head teacher and course organizer in the following modules:

Introduction to Human Geography (7,5 credits)

Economic Geography I (7,5 credits)

Independent Project in Human Geography (B-uppsats) (7,5 credits)

Ida also teach in other modules on issues related to economic geography, green cities, planning and research methods, including supervision on both bachelor and masters level.


Ida's background

Ida originates from Skellefteå, Västerbotten and in May 2015 she finished her PhD project titled "Geographies of place branding: Researching through small and medium sized cities" at the Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University. More on this project can be found here. See Ida talk about this research here (in Swedish).

Ida has a masters degree in Urban Studies and a bachelors degree in Human Geography from Uppsala University and before she started at the PhD program Stockholm University she was working in the financial sector in Stockholm as a project manager and product specialist. Ida also held the position av Chief Operating Officer at Stockholm University Student Union between 2015-2016. Ida is a competitive rower and have won the World Masters Rowing Championship and the Swedish Championship. Ida competes for Hammarby If Roddförening in Stockholm. 

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Articles in journals

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Chapters in books

Andersson, I. (2020). BUILDING THE GREEN CITY FROM WOOD?: POLICIES, PRACTICES, AND INSTITUTIONAL CAPABILITIES IN SWEDEN. In: Chudoba, Minna; Hynynen, Ari; Rönn, Magnus & Toft, Anne Elisabeth, BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND ARCHITECTURE AS A RESOURCE (pp. 55-80). . Nordic Academic Press of Architectural Research.
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Collections (editor)

Andersson, I. (ed.) (2018). Globala flöden och lokala praktiker: policymobilitet i tid och rum. Stockholm: Svenska sällskapet för antropologi och geografi (Ymer 138).

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Andersson, I. (2015). Geographies of Place Branding: Researching through small and medium sized cities. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Stockholm: Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University.