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Human Geography


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Susanna Heldt Cassel

Research domains

  • Humanities-Social sciences

Areas of research

  • Sustainable Development

Human geography is the study of people and societies in their spatial and geographical context, i.e. how people and societies use, produce, and are shaped by the conditions that exist in different places and in different parts of the world. Geographical differentiation, patterns of location and spatial relationships are central areas of study, as well as the interaction between humans and the physical and built environment. Human geography can be divided into several specialised areas depending on the phenomena being studied or based on the theories and methods used. Human Geography research at Örebro University revolves around the theme of urban and regional development. Research interests concern issues like economic geography (industrial location, mobility and restructuring in local labour markets), social geography (processes of residential segregation, segregation in the Swedish school system, and the concept of social sustainability), population geography (counter-urbanisation, life-style migration, population development in tourism dominated rural areas) and sustainable urban planning (local climate change policy, everyday life).