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Mattias Folkesson

Position: Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303321

Room: G2150

Mattias Folkesson
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About Mattias Folkesson

Mattias Folkesson is a doctor in Sports Science. His thesis (2018) is in the physiological/medical field within Sports Sciences. Mattias research mainly includes adaptations in human skeletal muscle, at the functional as well as cellular and molecular level, linked to various forms of exercise. Other areas involve physical activity and nutrition.
Presently, Mattias' research right now focus on 1) recovery strategies after demanding physical work, where both long- and short-term effects of cold and hot water baths are studied, and 2) participation in the project "Physical training in mental illness (FYPO)", which is led by researchers from the Department of Medical Sciences and Psychiatry at Region Örebro, where the effects of physical exercise linked to anxiety and depression are studied.
His teaching is primarily focused on sports physiology, anatomy and biomechanics, sports physiological measurement methods, training methodology, and supervision of bachelor and master theses.

Mattias is also the program manager for the Training program 180 credits, where the students study to work with training and health in various forms ranging forms, incuding as well recreational as elite level.

In addition to this, he leads the project with Örebro University as an elite sport-friendly educational institution. This is a venture where several higher education institutions together with the National Sports Federation work to enable the combination of beeing an elite athelet and a student.

In addition to working at Örebro University, Mattias is also a board member of Örebro Region Sports Federation.


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