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Recovery in sports

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Elodie Ponsot

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Recovery strategies and methods are essential to optimize the restoration of physical performance after hard exercise and competition, but they should also be considered as critical components of the training process to maximize long-term training adaptations.

Therefore, the overall aim of this research project is to study recovery after demanding physical exercise. In addition, we investigate different strategies and methods (e.g., nutrition and exposure to cold/hot water immersion) to improve recovery after exercise and long-term training adaptations. Important questions that the project tries to answer are: How does the human body recover after different types of exercise? How should recovery modalities be organized after exercise? Should recovery modalities be specific to the type of sports and dependent on the time of the season? The studies are carried out with an integrative and physiological approach where changes and adaptations are studied from cellular to whole-body level.

More information about Recovery in Sports can be found here.

Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council for Sport Science
  • The Knowledge Foundation
  • THe Swedish Foundation Lars Hiertas Minne