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Selma Salihovic

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301407

Room: L2614, L2465

Selma Salihovic
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About Selma Salihovic

Selma Salihovic is a senior lecturer in Psychology and researcher affiliated to the Center for Lifespan Developmental Research (LEADER) at Örebro University, Sweden. Her research interest lie in the area of developmental psychology. Specifically, Selma is interested in the development of psychopathy in adolescents, and the factors that mitigate and exacerbate antisocial behavior.


Currently, Selma Salihovic is vice dean for strategic development and education at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Örebro University.


Selma is also a member of the operational steering group for PSF@ORU.

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