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Exposing others and self being expose to others threats and harassment in various living environments

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Selma Salihovic

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Some young people are subjecting others to various forms of intimidation and harassment. They can do so vis-à-vis their parents in the home, to peers at school, to teachers in their school, and to the people they encounter in free-time environments. Other young people are exposed to others ' aggression. It can be at home, at school, or in free-time environments. The group of young people we examine in this research project is the young people who both expose others to threats and harassment and, at the same time, is exposed to the same kind of aggression by others. The basic hypothesis tested in this project is that these young people are likely to develop both internal problems (self-injury, depressive symptoms) and external problems (crime, drugs, etc.) over time. In the project we examine both factors that can explain why young people become exposed and expose others to aggression, and how problem aggregations develop.


Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council