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Tobias Axelsson

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301269

Room: F3245

Tobias Axelsson

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About Tobias Axelsson

Tobias Axelsson is senior lecturer in Education and holds a PhD in Gender Studies. His research interests are: 1) feminist perspectives on fatherhood, fathers, and fathering; 2) gender and parenting support; 3) gender and early childhoold education and care; 4) violence. 


Axelsson defended his PhD thesis in gender studies, När män möts som pappor (When men meet as fathers), in 2019. It investigates the conditions of fathering during early childhood by exploring fathers' relations to other fathers in ’fathering spaces’: social services that are directed to fathers on parental leave. The thesis ends with an English summary.

Axelsson has been involved in international projects on men's parental leave. He has written a report on parental leave policies in Sweden and Germany for 'The EU Mutual Learning Programme in Gender Equality' (2018), and a report on men's parental leave in Sweden for the Austrian project 'Paternity leave: Impacts on male careers' (2014).

Axelsson has co-authored two articles on men's attitudes towards female genital mutilation: the first paper is focused on health; the second paper focuses on violence and intersectionality.


Axelsson teaches mainly at the preschool teacher education programme.

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Articles in journals

Axelsson, T. & Wetterberg, T. (2020). Från något till synes stabilt och välbekant till något där konturerna bara skymtar. Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 97 (2), 170-176.
Axelsson, T. (2020). Kan man forska om pappor och föräldraskapsstöd utan genusteori?. Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 97 (2), 208-222.

Articles, book reviews

Conference papers

Axelsson, T. (2011). 'Fathers' Spaces': Making Room for Fathering Between Care and Privileges. In: Alp Biricik & Jeff Hearn, GEXcel Work in Progress Report Volume XV. Proceedings from GEXcel Theme 9: Gendered Sexualed Transnationalisations, Deconstructing the Dominant: Transforming men, "centres" and knowledge/policy/practice. Paper presented at Men and Masculinities Moving On Again! Transnationalising Flows, Technologies, Institutions, Theory (pp. 67-78). Linköping/Örebro:

Doctoral theses, monographs


Axelsson, T. (2014). Men's parental leave in Sweden: policies, attitudes, and practices. Vienna: JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH.