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Feminist violence studies

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The research team engages with violence and violations from a feminist and intersectional perspective. We situate violence and violations in social, political, cultural, economic, environmental, spatial and transnational contexts and study violence and violations in relation to power, distribution and stratification. The past and ongoing projects carried out by the research team thus far reflect a broad approach to violence, emphasizing the multiple and varied forms and expressions on different levels (interpersonal, group level, state and systemic levels) and their interconnectedness.

We are particularly interested in:
1. Theorizing violence, including the study of theories and concepts, expressions and explanations, and causes and consequences of violence and violations in online/offline contexts.

2. The politics of violence, including the study of violence in institutions and institutionalisation, policy and policymaking, and mobilisation and activism around violence and anti-violence.

3. Violent mobilities, including the study of violence and violations and inequalities and vulnerabilities stemming from the power asymmetry between different groups of road users in urban and rural places, and the resistance, activism or other forms of critiques of the current dominant automobility system.

4. Transnational violence, including the study of both interpersonal and institutional violence; violence in organisations and corporations; violence in relation to migration; ICTs and sexualities.

Sofia Strid 
Dag Balkmar

Research funding bodies

  • EU Horizon 2020