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About PAN Sweden

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PAN Sweden provides evidence-based knowledge making the preferred food choice health for the planet as well as the consumer.

PAN Sweden was established in 2021 as an inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral research centre, coordinated by Örebro University and financially supported by FORMAS, the Swedish government research council for sustainable development. PAN Sweden bundles the strength of several Swedish universities and RISE (The research institute of Sweden) with that of business partners in the Swedish food sector as well as organisations of public health.

PAN Sweden aim, in a precision nutrition perspective, to clarify the relationship between processing, structure, bioavailability, digestion and fermentation of proteins, and health effects in terms of gut, metabolic and mental health. We have a meal rather than an ingredient approach giving also special attention to the role of dietary fibre. Furthermore, sensory aspects and consumer behaviour determinants concerning plant-based proteins will be studied and gastronomic test environments will give access to various food consumption settings.

The core approach of PAN Sweden is the development of an integrated model and method ”toolbox” that facilitates innovations within plant-based products with proven benefits for health and wellbeing, but also being the preferred choice of the consumer.

We bundle a globally unique set of interdisciplinary competence and infrastructure overarching food, nutritional, technical, medical and social sciences. Our approach will provide Sweden an exclusive chance to successfully build the knowledge, competences, and skills to become a leading global player in plant-based protein food development.

How PAN Sweden connects to Agenda 2030 and goals within Sweden and EU

Efforts to limit the environmental impact from animal-based food are needed to meet the goals of Agenda 2030, but innovations within plant-based proteins options are lagging behind. We have not only to transform the food system towards more plant-based food, but also to tackle many health challenges, such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, mental health and disorders associated with chronic inflammation. The preferred food choice should be healthy for the planet and for the consumer! This necessitates a highly innovative food sector as well as consumers willing to purchase novel innovative food products.

Evidence-based knowledge within food processing, consumption and health benefits of plant-based proteins is currently scarce, which limits the necessary further development. Sales of these products are increasing annually by at least 15% to an expected 2000 MSEK in Sweden 2025. This provides a major national as well as international market opportunity for the Swedish food industry with a potential benefit for the consumer and the environment. In recent years, the Swedish government released a National research agenda towards a sustainable and competitive food system and also Sweden Food Arena released its Innovation and research agenda for the Food Sector 2020. PAN Sweden heavily connects to both of these agendas.