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An important foundation of PAN Sweden is the solid and reliable collaboration with a variety of both academic as well as industrial and public sector partners in order to enable a genuine intersectoral approach to challenges addressed

Within their specific areas of interest, the academic partners provide the core scientific competence (the researchers), as well as most of the infrastructure and equipment required to address the many scientific challenges identified. The results of research within PAN, in turn, enable industrial partners to develop sustainable and healthy plant-based protein-containing products which taste good and are positively regarded by consumers. This further enable industrial partners to develop prebiotic and probiotic products which support the colonic ecosystem to produce health promoting compounds and reduce the negative impact of a high protein intake – true precision nutrition. It also enable public health organisations to specify dietary recommendations for specific consumer groups (elderly, young adolescents, etc) and will also support all types of restaurant environments (school, work place, elderly care, fast-food chains) to successfully integrate these products in their menus.

The involvement of industrial and public sector partners in PAN will over time gradually shift from supporting the development of the toolbox (i.e. pre-competitive) towards using elements of the toolbox for their own purposes including product development (i.e. competitive). In an initial phase, PAN have used model proteins and dietary fibres to effectively develop the model toolbox in a non-competitive way. Subsequently, other proteins, dietary fibres, processing techniques, pro- and prebiotics, among others, can be studied in a more competitive fashion. This will allow PAN to create a dynamic research and innovation environment that gradually deepens and widens its knowledge and competence together with its partners as well as enable the business and public sectors to achieve their short- and long-term ambitions.