Industrial Partners



Is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products. The cooperation is owned by 20,000 Swedish farmers, have 10,000 employees, and operates in over 20 countries with an annual turnover of approximately SEK 50 billion. With grain at the heart of its operations, Lantmännen refine arable land resources to make farming thrive.

Orkla Foods Sverige AB

Is a leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the grocery, out-of home, specialised retail, pharmacy and bakery sectors. The Nordic and Baltic regions, selected regions in Central Europe and in India are Orkla’s main markets. The business area holds leading market positions in a number of categories, including frozen pizza, ketchup, soups, sauces, bread toppings and ready-to-eat meals.

BioGaia AB

Is an innovative Swedish healthcare company and a world-leader in food supplements with probiotics. BioGaia’s products contain Limosilactobacillus reuteri (formerly known as Lactobacillus reuteri), a probiotic bacteria that helps good microorganisms restore a natural balance in the gut. The company has over the years created networks of leading, independent researchers and specialists, manufacturing experts and local distribution partners worldwide. To date L. reuteri has been tested in more that 200 clinical trials and proven effective and safe in children and adults, and our products are recommended by pediatricians and other healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries.

Lyckeby Starch AB

Is a Swedish company developing and manufacturing modern, potato based speciality starch and fiber to industries in the food and paper businesses worldwide. The company operate and control every link in the chain from the culitivation of seed potato and growing the starch potato to the highly specialised production of modern products for applications in the food and paper industries. Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter, förening u.p.a. is owned by some 800 potato growing farmers in the southern parts of Sweden, providing a unique opportunity to control the raw material, the quality and the traceability of our products.


Is a leading provider of IFM and FM services in the Nordics, offering all the facility management services necessary for a company or public body to work smoothly and efficiently.

ICA (Maxi ICA Stormarknad universitetet)

Max Hamburgers

Many Ways AB

GE Healthcare Sverige AB