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Affiliated researcher

Do you want to be affiliated researcher at Örebro University?

If you are interested in being affiliated researcher at Örebro University you must have obtained a doctoral degree. Here you can find the guidelines for affiliations and the template of affiliation agreement. The template should always be written together with the school in question and it is therefore important to make early contact with the school.

Guidelines for affiliation at Örebro University (pdf)

Template of affiliation agreement (pdf)

The affiliation agreement and accompanying documents are sent from the school to the Office for Academic Policy (This is an email address).

The agreement and accompanying document should include the following information:

  • Personal data
  • A description of the collaboration and the benefit for Örebro University
  • Information on what resources the university will provide
  • A proposed time frame for the affiliation (maximum of three years)
  • CV
  • Publication list
  • A letter of consent from your employer