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Affiliated researcher

Are you interested in being affiliated to Örebro University?

If you are interested in becoming an affiliated researcher at Örebro University, the competence requirement is a completed doctoral degree. Below you will find guidelines concerning the affiliation, the template for agreement on affiliation, as well as instructions regarding what information and documents are required to provide the basis for a decision. The template for agreement should always be written in consultation with the relevant department and therefore early contact should be made with the department.

Guidelines for affiliation at Örebro University (pdf)

Please note that all the following information and attachments need to be submitted at the same time.

In the template for agreement on affiliation, the following information must be filled in (the department has access to the agreement template in Word format via Inforum):

  1. Personal data
  2. Description of the collaboration and benefits for Örebro University
  3. Proposed duration of the affiliation (maximum three years)
  4. Information about the resources provided by the university

Please note that the draft affiliation agreement should not be signed by anyone at this stage.

The following must be submitted along with the draft agreement:

  1. CV
  2. Publikationslista
  3. Approval from your employer (does not apply to self-employed persons)
  4. The approval from head of department at Örebro University

The draft affiliation agreement and documents mentioned above are sent from the department in question to the University Office: This is an email address.