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Jana Klánová - Honorary doctor 2023

Jana Klánová received her PhD in environmental chemistry in 2004 at Masaryk University, Brno in the Czech Republic. She has a background in mathematics and chemistry. Since 2013, Jana Klánová is professor of environmental chemistry at Masaryk University and she was appointed director of the RECETOX Centre and RECETOX Research Infrastructure at the Faculty of Science the same year.

Jana Klánová has a solid scientific research background with an extensive scientific publication record from 2001 onwards. She is also the recipient of a large number of national and EU funded research projects and have extensive teaching experience at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. Jana Klánová has a solid interest in multidisciplinary science which also includes social sciences, medicine and health.

Her deep knowledge and expertise in the area of chemical pollution, environment and health has taken her to the forefront of the field in Europe. She is the coordinator of the first European Exposome infrastructure, EIRENE RI, an ESFRI-approved infrastructure including institutions in 17 countries, among them Örebro University as the Swedish hub leader. She is likewise a partner of the large European partnership program PARC in which Örebro University is also a partner.

Jana Klánová has both a solid history in education and an interest in competence provision in the area of hazard and risk assessment of exposure to anthropogenic chemicals and their effects from an environmental and toxicological perspective. She is engaged in building exchange partnerships, courses and training programmes in Europe. Her ambitions are well suited and in line with the perspectives of Örebro University and collaborative efforts are in progress.