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Julie Allan - Honorary doctor 2023

Julie Allan was professor of education at University of Stirling between 2002 and 2013 and has since been professor at University of Birmingham. At the School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, Division of Education, we have had the privilege of hosting Julie Allan as visiting professor.

Julie Allan is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of inclusive education, evident not least by her being on numerous editorial boards of prestigious international journals. She is also editor of Routledge World Yearbook of Education. Julie Allan was appointed honorary member of the network Inclusive Education by European Educational Research Association (EERA). She has shown a strong interest in education policy and has served as advisor to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the governments of Netherlands and Queensland, and as expert advisor with the Council of Europe. 

With her research, Julie Allan has especially contributed to a refocus and problematisation of the concept of inclusion. She looks at disabilities and educational needs based on a diversity perspective and with a clear education policy focus. Her research has further contributed a development of educational theory through interdisciplinary collaboration.   

What is unique for Julie Allan are her strong connections in the Nordic countries, reflected in networks and collaborations throughout the region. At Örebro University, she has been a cohesive force for special education research at a time of turbulence and uncertainty in the world. This has contributed to a sustainable development both of individual researchers and their research contributions and of the young research environment Special Education, Development and Learning (SpecEDL). 

It is with pleasure and pride we welcome Julie Allan as honorary doctor.