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Sajda Qureshi - Honorary doctor 2023

Professor Sajda Qureshi is a dedicated actor in the global society by interacting with different communities for development – in research as well as in practice. The focus of her research is on information technology and how technology can contribute to a better and more sustainable world and to the UN’s sustainable development goals. Her research includes technology for development and micro-businesses for developing regions. 

Sajda Qureshi is professor at the College of Information Science and Technology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and she has been coordinator of the Commonwealth Network of Information Technology for Development. Sajda Qureshi has about 200 publications in journals such as Group Decision and Negotiation, Information Infrastructure and Policy and Communications of the ACM. Her books have been published by Prentice Hall, Springer-Verlag, Chapman and Hall and North-Holland Publishing Company.  

Sajda Qureshi has generously shared her time and expertise with the informatics department at ORU. Since the early 2000s she has been an active member of the ICT4D community (information and communication technology for development) and has together with researchers at Örebro University contributed to knowledge on how information technology can contribute to a positive development in developing regions. She is editor-in-chief of the highest-ranked journal in the field – Information Technology for Development – where she has also taken onboard four researchers from Örebro University for quality-assurance of this important research.  

Sajda Qureshi has also served on the grading committees at a number of PhD students’ thesis defences and has also given us valuable feedback on many of our publications. She has had seminars with our masters’ students and is engaged in the Sida-financed network of master and PhD students in the field (Ipid), which is coordinated by Örebro University. 

We look forward to continued collaboration and support for the further development of not only the subject of informatics but also the university as a whole. Our ongoing research collaboration and the appointment of Sajda Qureshi as honorary doctor will support Örebro University’s efforts in creating a more sustainable world.