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Mieke Verloo

Mieke Verloo is Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues at Radboud University in the Netherlands, and a Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. Her research concerns gender and politics with a focus on gender equality policy, feminist movements, anti-gender discourses and resistance against feminism and gender equality. In 2015 she was awarded the European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG) Career Achievement Award.

Mieke Verloo has published extensively and led several large research projects. Further, she has extensive consultancy and training experience on gender mainstreaming and intersectionality for several European governments and institutions.

Her meticulous theoretical and methodological work related to feminist and political theory, social movements theory, and resistance against gender equality has among other things led to the development of the method critical frames analysis. She is currently the leader of the project Co-Creating Inclusive Intersectional Democratic Spaces Across Europe (CCINDLE) which analyses threats to democracy and feminism as well as the responses from feminist change-makers.

Mieke Verloo has generously shared her time and expertise, which has proved to be very productive for the ongoing collaboration with Örebro University. We look forward to continuing the collaboration. Professor Verloo’s research and her ambition to strengthen feminist voices in times when the intermingling of anti-democratic and anti-feminist discourses exist across Europe is a great example of the importance of social sciences for upholding democratic values. It also provides us with a ray of hope.