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Data collaboratives as a new form of innovation for addressing societal challenges in the age of data

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In progress 2016 - 2018


Iryna Susha

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Data collaboratives is a new type of cross-sector collaboration (e.g. between governments, companies, or scientists) to leverage the potential of data to solve complex societal challenges. Presently there is much hype about data collaboratives but a complete lack of systematic scientific evaluation. This project aims to ascertain how data collaboratives can be effectively used in particular contexts. This project is implemented through four steps. Step 1 is a literature study reviewing the state of the art of research in this field. Step 2 maps the data collaboratives best practice using an international repository of cases. Step 3 focuses on two pioneering cases in climate change domain to evaluate the effectiveness of technologies used to support these data collaboratives. Step 4 develops a use case and an improved architecture for an existing climate data sharing portal in Sweden.



Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council