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The Collaboration between Municipality and Social Enterprises: A Sustainable Platform for Solving Socioeconomic Problems

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In progress 2022 - 2025


Daniela Andrén

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Social enterprises often operate within industries related to the circular economy. This involves the reuse of various discarded products that would otherwise be disposed of, for example, recycling leisure items, clothing, household goods, and construction materials. In other cases, they provide household services in the form of collecting materials and products that would otherwise be discarded, thereby supporting citizens in adopting more environmentally friendly practices.

Our research project aims to analyze the development of social enterprises, with a focus on how they integrate individuals who have been far from the job market for an extended period into both the workforce and society. Unlike the majority of previous studies that have primarily taken an individual perspective when addressing labor market integration, our project encompasses individual, community, and business perspectives. It seeks to examine the characteristics of social enterprises that can facilitate opportunities for individuals who are furthest from the job market to establish themselves within it.

Research funding bodies

  • Karlskoga kommun
  • Örebro University