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Traffic safety and vehicle insurance

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Lars Hultkrantz

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This project collects several sub-projects related to traffic safety issues:
1. Pay-as-you-speed. We have suggested and tried out a new vehicle-insurance scheme. Our research has been replicated elsewhere and similar schemes have been launched by insurance companies in UK and Italy. A Swedish insurer is also making preparation. Central publications are Hultkrantz and Lindberg, JTEP 2011, presenting the first vehicle-fleet trial, and Hultkrantz et al, TR-A 2012, that analysed how this voluntary scheme can be integrated with overall vehicle taxation.
2. Analysis of vehicle insurance data. We use large longitudinal micro data based on data from a large Swedish insurer, combined with data from Statistics Sweden, records on convictions related to traffic violations and on accidents with uninsured drivers. This is a collaboration with VTI. It has resulted in two PhD dissertations at Örebro: Sara Arvidsson 2010 and Sherzod Yarmukhamedov 2014.
3. Economic valuation of traffic injuries. Funded by the Swedish Transport Administration 2014-15. Collaboration with the Institute of Health Economics in Lund and involves a PhD student at Lund University.

The project leader is a member of the Program Steering Group for transport safety at the Norwegian Research Council.