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Swedish Centre for Skin and Wound Research

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The Swedish Centre for Skin and Wound Research is embedded in the School of Health Sciences at Örebro University. The centre has an international partnership with the Skin Integrity Research Group (SKINT) at Ghent University in Belgium. The research group is led by Prof. Dimitri Beeckman. The interdisciplinary team is committed to co- create a solid evidence base for skin and woundcare and to facilitate clinical decision making. We identify research priorities and answer research questions with true impact in clinical practice. We conduct  skin integrity and wound epidemiology research in the general population and in subgroups such as individuals at the extremes of age, the critically ill or medically compromised, and in those requiring assistance with personal care. We design, perform, analyse and publish high- quality research about efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of treatment interventions in the domain of skin integrity and woundcare. We create strategies to disseminate and implement evidence-based skin integrity and woundcare practices (e.g. skin care interventions; prevention, early detection, diagnostic, treatment; quality improvement programs) at local, national and international level.  

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  • Mölnycke Health Care AB
  • Swedish Research Council