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Occupational performance in older people readmitted to hospital and discharged to home

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In progress 2015 - 2018


Marie Holmefur

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Older people are frequently treated in hospital. Recurring visits to emergency departments and readmission to hospital are indicators that healthcare systems are not working optimally. There are few studies that describe older people readmitted to hospitals from an occupational therapy perspective. The aim of this project is therefore to get a deeper knowledge of occupational performance for a group of older people who are readmitted to hospital. Within the project, the occupational performance and aspects of health status in older people readmitted to hospital are assessed. Furthermore, qualitative studies will explore how this group of older people will be able to describe their activities in daily occupations after hospital stay from different perspecitves. Nursing staff will also have the opportunity to describe their experiences of meeting these elderly people at the hospital and after discharge. The results of this project are expected to clarify the needs of this group of older people and to create a foundation for assessments and interventions from an occupational therapy perspective for the older person that are readmitted to hospital and discharged to home.

Research funding bodies

  • Region Örebro County