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Marie Holmefur

Title: Professor School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303612

Room: P2160

Marie Holmefur
Research subject Research environments

About Marie Holmefur

Marie Holmefur is a registrered Occupational Therapist who graduated with a PhD from Karolinska Institutet in 2009 and was appointed professor of Occupational Therapy at Örebro University in 2018.

Maries research focuses on measurement and interventions for enhancing everyday life in persons with a long-standing disability. In her PhD-thesis Marie evaluated and further developed the Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA) which aims to measure and describe how effectively children with a unilateral disability use their affected hand in bimanual tasks. Further studies on the AHA and development of hand function in children with unilateral CP are ongoing. Marie has a strong interest in instrument development and psychometric testing and she uses both modern (Rasch analysis) and classic test theory in her studies.

Difficulties to handle time and structure daily activities are common  in people with ADHD, Autism or mental illness and are due to cognitive limitations. Marie leads the TOVA reserach group (Time management skills in people with cognitive limitations) who evaluates assessments and interventions to increase time management skills in everyday life, among other things the intervention Let's Get Organized is evaluated. Read about Maria Wingren's PhD-project here.

In the ALVA research group (Older persons health, care and everyday life) Marie supervises two PhD-students who are studying the life situation of older people who despite high age and declining health live in their ordinary housing. The vulnerable situation of older people sometimes leads to an application to a nursing home. The long waiting time has been a problem for elderly and their relatives. During the Covid-19 pandemict the number of applications to nursing homes have dropped and we are studying what this means for the life situation at home for these vulnerable older people and their relatives. Read about Lisa Spang's PhD-project here.


Marie teaches on basic and advanced level and also on postgraduate level in areas of research methodology with focus on quantitative studies, psychometrics, evidence-based practice and research ethics. Marie is also course leader in all three levels.  

Marie is the main supervisor of two PhD-students: Lisa Spang and Maria Wingren and the assistant supervisor of Sofie Adazsak and she regularly serves as a reviewer for scientific journals in her field. 


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