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Occupational Therapy


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Marie Holmefur

Research domains

  • Medicine

Occupational Therapy focuses on knowledge about how human occupation influences the development, health and wellbeing of individuals. The subject includes knowledge on how people choose and prioritize their activities related to their resources and what they find meaningful. Further how disease, injury and physical, social and societal circumstances affect the occupational performance, occupational balance and participation of the individual. Occupation as a therapeutic mean and Occupational Therapy interventions that are prescribed to promote occupational performance are also studied in Occupational Therapy.

The Occupational Therapy research at Örebro University concerns promoting health and enabling occupational performance and participation for people with disability and impairment. The research projects are focused on I) the development of new interventions and investigating their effects, II) the development and evaluation of instruments to measure occupational performance or III) describing and understanding the everyday life of people with disabilities in order to generate more knowledge to understand different life aspects related to activity and participation.

Completed projects