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Laura Ervo

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The research at Örebro University on procedural law - including criminal, civil and administrative proceedings - could be characterized as having strong coverage in topics from procedural laws history via banking proceedings towards the harmonization of the law of evidence, just to mention some examples.  International features as well as the human rights perspective are common for the most of the projects. The researchers are professor Laura Ervo and doctoral students at the Örebro University (Isak Bergdahl, professor Annina H. Persson as his supervisor) or at other Nordic universities (Satu Saarensola, Elisa Silvennoinen and Eija Tiukuvaara) with Laura Ervo from Örebro University as their supervisor.

Professor Kerstin Nordlöf is also a researcher in procedural law and with focus on children as a an offender or a victim. She is now studying the application of the rights of an aggrieved person in relation to a child who has been exposed to IPV (intimate partner violence).

Isak Bergdahls project is on the Swedish banking regulation and court proceedings of the supervisory matters of banks and it is focused on the supervising agency, the opponent bank and the courts when that bank faces regulatory measures such as reauthorization. Due to schedule, it should be finished in 2016.

Professor Laura Ervo has many multi-national research projects in co-operation with other universities and international colleagues. “Between North and East - Comparative studies on the pre-trial procedure between the Nordic and Former East European countries” cover the pre-trial stage in civil procedure from comparative perspective. “Civil procedural reforms in the societal context” is a historical study on transparent and latent reasons for procedural reforms and their felicity for achieving access to justice and realizing substantive law. “From Transnational Principles to European Rules of Civil Procedure - The law of evidence” is the project by ELI and UNIDROIT to adapt the Principles from a European perspective and develop European Rules on Civil Procedure. “The meaning of language, behaviour and culture in a fair trial” is the pilot project to start an interdisciplinary research project on the topic where the fairness is researched not only from a legal and normative perspective but also with the means of linguistic and philosophy.

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